Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hair Appliances

Of course, I remember these fondly. In my never ending quest to make my hair look like a normal person, this particular appliance was my best friend through high school and college. Hot rollers had not been invented. Or, if they were around, I had not heard of them yet.

This is me as a freshman in college. I washed my hair and put it in a Pebbles-type 'do and strapped on my hair dryer. If a group of people decided to study in the lounge or in another room, I unplugged it, transported it and set up shop elsewhere.

This other photo is me as a sophomore in college. That's the 'do I wore under the hairdryer. I find it hysterical that the background of this photo is a gigantic Valentine's Day card taped to the wall. It's kind of hard to imagine that anyone would feel the urge to send me a V.D. card after seeing me in that get up.

Recently I was trying to make my hair calm down and running through my various brushes, rollers and curling irons. I had serious longing for my old dryer.


janis said...

HaHaHa! You always cracked me up how you wore the hose in the front! I loved your beauty routine and admired your dedication!

janis said...

Where are you?
Hiding under the hair dryer again?
Nine days. Nine days without a post is dreadful. Please enlighten up some more on your delightfyl blog.

ps.. I think you are MIA. How many calls & text & emails have I sent you seen 3/26th? Hello? Where in the World is Sheri Riley Roman?